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What is God Doing?

As many of you reading this know already, we have lost 3 close family members this year. Earlier this year, my older brother died from a drug overdose, then my mom was shot and killed by her boyfriend at the beginning of August, not long after we had returned from Thailand. Then, my close aunt died in August.

What is God doing? That's a big question on my heart right now. Obviously, he has a reason for letting so much happen in such a condensed amount of time. Maybe he will reveal it to us, maybe he won't. Either way, we are going to keep doing what we have always striven to do: love God and love our neighbors.

That's the good life. Hard times will come. Hard times will pass. Easy seasons will come, and they will pass too. Through it all, as the old hymn goes, "it is well with our souls" because the tomb is empty, the Holy Spirit lives within us, and we know how the story ends.

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