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10 Things We Do



Our vision is to facilitate an “evangelistic encounter” with at least 1 million individuals over the course of our lifetimes through Transformation Ministries & our partners.


We provide free or at-cost services and supplies to those who are economically disadvantaged.

Soup Kitchen
Music Equipment

Christian Resources

We devote time, energy and talent to creating holistic Christian resources in the form of online content, books, and music.

Local Church

We believe in building the local church, and support both local churches and church plants, as the primary vehicle for community and discipleship for Christians. 


Counseling & Prayer

We place a high value on ministry to the heart, and spend intentional time with people who are struggling. 

We place a high priority on prayer, both personal and corporate, and believe it is part of the healing process for a broken world.

Next Generation

We have a heart for the upcoming generations and place focused effort on mentoring, discipling, and influencing kids, teens, and university students. 



We are passionate about getting Christian resources in the hands (or ears) of people with less access to them in their native tongue. 


We provide holistic Christian education that addresses the needs of the soul, but also challenges people to grow as a person (personal development), think deeply about the world God created (philosophy), have a positive impact on others (psychology), and succeed in their vocational calling— ultimately fulfilling the dominion mandate to which all Christians are called (business & money). 

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat


It’s not part of Transformation Ministries, but we are also building a media company. Why? Because we believe in addressing spiritual and educational needs, but we also recognize that people need positive role models in all sectors of society. Our dream is to create a media company with Christian values, even if our content doesn’t all center around Bible stories. 


We place a high value on families, and want to help them thrive and be safe places for the  children growing up in them. With this in mind, we do everything we can do help mentor couples and encourage thoughtful parenting as well as strong marriages. We also advocate for political action that prioritizes families and children in society.

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