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I am speechless.

As I think back at how God has been working in the lives of individuals in our “social circle” here in Chiang Rai, Thailand, I am dumbfounded. Over the past few months since the last update, we have seen multiple people we know become Christians and give their lives to Jesus. We have also seen some people opening up for the first time in ways that we have never seen before.


Cindy is a student of mine at our English school. She has been teaching Chinese to students at Rajabhat University for 2 years now. We got to know her a few months ago. Over the past few months of being my student in English class, we have had many conversations about life, the Bible, God, and the church. A few weeks ago, I gave her a copy of Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren, and she has been reading it since. I also asked if she would like to start meeting with Liz weekly to talk about what she is reading, and about life and the gospel in general. They have been meeting for several weeks now. She has also come to church with us a few times. Please pray for this dear friend, as she continues to learn about Jesus, that she will open her heart to him. She is going back to China in just 2 weeks, but we are hoping to keep in contact with her.

Girls from English Corner

There are 3 girls that have been coming consistently to our English Corner at one of our universities here in town. We have developed relationships with all three of these girls and although introducing the gospel into these relationships can take time, it is happening. One of these girls came to church with us on the Sunday of Songkran week (a very special holiday here in Thailand), and she not only got to attend Sunday School and hear a sermon, but it was a special baptism week, too, so she got to see the gospel visibly through the baptism of 3 other Thai girls. I am confident that whoever takes English Corner from us this next year, if they are able to keep these relationships with these girls, will be able to lead one or two of the three to Christ (one of them is already a Christian). Oh, Lord, may it be so.

Chiang Rai International School

We also have some amazing news to report on from Chiang Rai International School. Over the past few weeks it seems evident that the work and prayers of many teachers here, over many years, are starting to bear fruit. We saw one of the first students give his life to Christ (I believe this is the first student since we have been here if not the first student ever). One of the primary teachers had the opportunity to pray with him and lead him to place his faith in Christ. He is Thai, in fifth grade, and as you know most Thai families are very devoutly Buddhist. I just talked to him before writing this post, and he has talked to his mom, but she did not receive it well. In fact, she told him "You can't do that!" He also said, "I cannot tell my dad." He is very afraid of what his dad will do or say. I told him it does not have to be today, but he would have to tell him someday, and that we should pray for God to give him bravery to have that difficult conversation. I also told him I was the same age as him when I made that decision for my own life, and how proud of him I was. Pray that this young man will grow to be a faithful disciple of Jesus, and that he will be the bridge to his family as well.

This week I also just heard about two staff members, Dai and Som (one teacher and one bus driver) at our international school becoming Christians as well! This is nothing less than a miracle of the Holy Spirit. I talked with the bus driver today, who is in his 20s like us. I was almost in tears but kept my composure as he explained to me how he had been to church several times but never accepted God’s love until his girlfriend (as of recently) showed him love from God. That same girl (his girlfriend and our friend) also brought one of the kindergarten teachers with her to church and she has given her life to Christ as well. I believe both this new brother and sister are from the Northern Thai people group, of which there are currently only one percent Christian. God is doing some amazing things here!


Thank YOU for your partnership!

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