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King Bhumibol has passed away.

The king of Thailand just died. This is a historic moment for this nation. We have no idea what the next few days/weeks/months will hold. Please pray for the people of Thailand. Here is my prayer if you want to join with me:

"Lord Jesus, we want to lift the people of Thailand up to you. We know that in every event there are 2 opposite forces, one working for good and one for evil. We pray against the enemy and for your will to be done here in Thailand. We pray that you would thwart the plans of those who want to use this event to do harm to the people of this country. And most important, God, we pray that this event would open the hearts of the people of Thailand so that salvation would come in a massive way like it never has in this country. And whatever happens to us as foreigners living in this country, may we be able to say with the Apostle Paul that we have learned to be content in all circumstances. Amen."

For the press release, see:

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