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We believe the Bible is God’s highest and clearest revelation to man.


The text of the Bible has been preserved throughout the generations with an accuracy that can only be described as miraculous. 


The doctrine taught in Scripture is the very foundation of knowledge. Starting with any other foundation for knowledge leads men to contradiction and eventual absurdity.

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All people are made in the image of God, meaning they are distinct from the rest of creation, mirror some of God’s characteristics, and therefore bear a particular dignity that comes from God himself.


All people are guilty before God for their willing participation in suppressing the truth and hostility towards their creator. Without believing in the gospel and being converted, all people will be judged according to God’s perfect standard. Those who place their faith in Christ, however, will be washed, renewed and will be judged not on the basis of their own merit, but on the basis of the work of Jesus who serves as their substitute.

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Creation is inherently good and remains so after the fall. The sin and folly of man causes him to misuse creation– whether that be sex, alcohol, or technology. However, it does not follow that these things are inherently sinful, as sin comes from the heart of man, not material objects. 

The Apostle Paul uses strong language to describe those who forbid what God has not forbidden (1 Tim. 4:1-5). We stand with him in firmly rejecting what the Bible rejects, and
gladly accepting what it does not.


God created men and women differently-- and limited sex to a covenantal union between a man and woman. The church of the last generation has failed in major ways by neglecting to help individuals who struggle with disordered sexual desires and we are currently reaping what we have sown in culture. We call the church to repent of her unfaithfulness and to actually love people by telling them the truth and providing them the help they need to walk in it.

The highest calling for men is to be husband & father and to lead their home well. The highest calling for women is to be wife & mother. These are normative for all people across time.

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God has called mankind to two complementary missions. The first is the cultural mandate– the call to build up society, steward creation and be fruitful and multiply.

The second calling is the Great Commission– the call to make disciples of all nations, which includes, but is not limited to, evangelism, especially evangelism among unreached people groups.


The Ordinances

Both baptism and communion are for those who have professed faith in Christ.

We greatly appreciate the pedobaptist view of baptism for what it teaches about the status of “covenant children” but feel it is more prudent to wait until a conscious profession of faith and desire to be baptized can be communicated by
the child. However, we are not hostile to those who have a desire to baptize their infants.

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The Gifts

We believe all gifts are still in operation today. Some “charismatics” do not practice gifts in a way that is wise or edifying (which is the whole point).


However, we believe there is a way to practice all of the gifts that is edifying to the church and honoring to God.


The Kingdom of God came to earth with the incarnation of Jesus, and has been growing “like a mustard seed” ever since. 


Satan is bound in regards to his ability to deceive the nations, and while demons are able to harass individuals, Satan’s power has been greatly limited. Thus, we do not live in fear of Satan or the demonic realm.


Jesus will return physically in final judgment after the Great Commission has been sufficiently completed & the whole world is thoroughly Christianized.

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Final State

All individuals will be resurrected and judged on the final day when Christ returns again.

Those who are in Christ will be credited with his moral perfection, whereas those who are not will be judged based on their own works, and will be judged accordingly.

Those who are in Christ will live with him forever in the eternal renewed creation. Those who are judged based on their own works will face judgement.

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